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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Instructions on how to use Frame Freebies...

Good Sunday morning!! How is everyone? Pretty good here!! I have been asked from several people on how to use the Frame Freebies. So, here's a little instructions on how to use them. These are for both PSP and PSE - those are the other two programs I have. Although most should be similar.

**Bring up your frame
**Select your magic wand tool
**Then click anywhere on the frame and then you should see little marching ants around the frame as well as the letter/symbols. Make sure that all of the letter have the little marching ants around them as well as in the little holes in them, such as the letter s A or D (to do this hold down the shift key and click in the little holes in the letters to make sure the marching ants are in there.
**Pull up the photo that you want to use.
**Click on select at the top and then select all (this is for PSE). Then click on edit and copy. For PSP simply click on edit and copy.
**Then go back to the frame layer. Go to layer at the top and click on add a new layer. (I do this so that if I don't like it I can simply delete the photo without messing up the frame).
**Next, click on edit and paste into selection.

Waaa-laaaaa - your photo should be in your frame now!! I hope this helps!! These instructions can be used for any templates that you may have - of course you will do the layers in different stages on most templates!!

I also had someone ask if I was going to be doing any Baby's Firsts frames. Hadn't thought of those - but thanks for the wonderful suggestion. I will get right on those. If you all have any other ideas and have suggestions for the Firsts let me know!! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!! See you soon!!


Friday, December 5, 2008

More BlogTrains and FREEBIES!..

Hello out there!! I hope you enjoyed the little goodies from yesterday and checked out the awesome blogtrains going on!! They are all awesome!! I have a couple more blogtrains to share with you as well as a few more frames!!


Here is a little sampling from A-liya!! You can download it here!!


Here is a sampling from Jessicasma (using Can Designs Adorable Kitten kit)

Visit Cottage Scrapbooks for the list of all of the blogs to visit!!

And here are your FREEBIES from me!!

Here's the I Love Grandpa frame I forgot yesterday!!

Download here

And here's two frames that were by request but the person didn't leave their name - but here they are!!

Download here

Download here

Hope you enjoy!!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Info and a FREEBIE...

Hello everyone!! How is everyone out there in digiland today? Me, pretty good. How was your Thanksgiving? Mine, was pretty good. Spent lunch at my cousins house. There was just my Mom, my brother and his fiance, my cousin and her husband, their daughter and son in law, and of course there was my family. The food was yummy and I finally got some rice dressing that my mom makes. YUMMY!! Others in the family have tried to make it but none of them come out as good as MOM's!! hee hee I have to remember to get that darn recipe. If I do I will share. I have never tasted any ones (other than my Grandmothers) that taste as good as here. Anyway, we spent the late afternoon and evening with Bentley's parents. But I was really too full to eat much there. Anyway, it was a great Thanksgiving!! Just thankful to be with family!!

Well, have you seen all of the blogtrains going on around in digiland? Check these out - I just want to say a big "THANK YOU" to all the people who participated in each one of them!! It renews my spirit in mankind. But then my digi-community always does.



Here is a sampling from Queen Brat Designs!! You can download it here and get the list for the rest of the blogtrain stops!! She also has other goodies from other blogtrains on her blog too!!

Next up is HOLIDAYS AT HOME from the ADS Designers...

Here is a sampling from Purple Dragonfly Creations!! You can download it here and get the rest of the blogtrain stops!!

Next up is the CHRISTMAS CONVOY...

Here is a sampling from DesignZ by DeDe! You can download here and get the list for the rest of the blogtrain stops!!

That is all I have for now!! Check out these awesome contributions from all of these wonderful people!!

Oh yeah, your FREEBIE....... Here are the rest of the I Love series of frames!! Although I just noticed that I don't have I Love Grandpa!! I will get that one done for you!!

Download here

And I did Raga because that's what the grand kids call my mom!!

Download here

And here's a sample of this one!!

I did Nannie because the grand kids call Bentley's mom that!!

Download here

And here's a sample!!

And this one is because this is what the grand kids call Bentley's Dad!!

Download here

Believe it or not I didn't have a photo to go with this one!! So, guess I have to make sure to get some taken!! Hee hee

Remember, I do take requests, so if there is one that you would like to see just leave me a little note!!