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Monday, October 29, 2007

Join Me

Hey - how was everyone's weekend? Mine was pretty good!! We went to a football party on Saturday!! GO DAWGS!!! It was for the Georgia Bulldogs vs. Florida Gators game!! Thank goodness the Dawgs won!! Barely, but they won!! We had lots of yummy food and Caden so loved being outside and running around!! Well, today's post is all about joining me:

Join me for a Moo Two Designs Featured Chat with Donna Wheway, Designer & Owner of Moo Two!! Tusday, Oct. 30th @ 9:00 p.m. ET in the Moo Two Chat Room!! Prize for attending and a special gift given to the first person to answer the questions correctly!! The questions are from her interview in the last issue of the Mooooos from Moo Two Newsletter! If haven't signed up for it - you can sign-up here - or here's a copy of the interview!!Here is a preview of the attendance gift:

Check out Donna's designs here

Hope to see you all there!! It's sure to be a blast as always!! :)

Moo Two Designs Digital Scrapbooking Day Festivities

November 3rd is Digital Scrapbooking Day and why not celebrate it at the Funny Farm!! LOL The weekend will start off with a mega Commercial use Kit being released!! Stay tuned for a peak of the Commercial kit!! Then on Saturday, Nov. 3rd, at 7 p.m. CST - 11:00 pm CST, Buzybee Designs (Penny) will be hosting a DSD chat in the Moo Two Chat room, with games and activities, and of course prizes!! This is something you don't want to miss!! Here is a preview of a few prizes being given away:

This is sure to be lots of fun!! Please join us!!



Friday, October 26, 2007

Moo Two Designs Chelsea Charity Kit

Oh boy - how are you today? Me, well it's been one of those days!! You know what I mean, right? Had errands to run, did a little Christmas shopping, and found out just how old I am feeling these days!! I was sitting in the truck as dh was pumping gas and was looking in the mirror at my hair!! I have started using this new hair shampoo and conditioner that's suppose to help smooth and shine your hair!! It's doing pretty good so far.....but, it's not taking the GRAY hairs out!! OMG - I looked in that mirror and thought oh my god - there are a million gray hairs in my head..... LOL Probably not, but it sure felt like it!! Notice I said felt!! That's because I went straight to my favorite shopping place Wal-Mart and got me some color!! Came straight home and had dh color it for me!! WOW - do I feel better!! LOL Anyway, I was telling you all before about a charity kit that a friend of mine from Moo Two Designs is doing for Chelsea who has Acute Myelogenous Leukemia!! There are lots of designers, not just Moo Two designers that are stepping up to the plate for this one!! So, I thought I'd preview a few for you - so that you don't forget to get to Moo Two when this beautiful kit hits the store!! It will be hitting the store in late November or early December!! It is going to be one humongous kit!! Check out what has been donated so far:

Donated by Lynn (Lynncal)
Moo Two Designs

Donated by Gloria Val Verde
Moo Two Designs

Donated by LeslieH Designs
Moo Two, MIS, SDK, & SSD

Donated by Shirley (Xashee)
Moo Two Designs

Donated by TerrellS Designs
Moo Two Designs, Divine Digital, & Stone Accents

Donated by Jeanette Bollinger Designs
Moo Two Designs

Donated by Gail P.
Moo Two Designs

Donated by NanaC Designs
Scrapbook Max

Donated by Tara Donovan-Kostyrski
Member of Moo Two Designs

Donated by Crafty Scraps by Michelle McCoy
Scrapbook Max

Donated by Molly & Max (Maria)

Donated by Brittney Ferguson

Donated by Kim Broedelet

This is all that has been previewed in the thread at Moo Two!! I understand that there are other designers and such that are contributing!! So, stay tuned - this is going to be one huge kit and you don't want to miss it!! If you are a designer or just like to dabble in designing - why not come on over and help us help Chelsea and her family out!!

Well, that's it for tonight!! That's enough isn't it? LOL Hope you all have a great weekend!!



Thursday, October 25, 2007

First Layout as Leslie's CT

Hi everyone!! How's your day? Mine is pretty good and uneventful today!! I posted a layout yesterday with LeslieH's Tattered Love Letters kit!! This is my first layout as a CT member for her!! Take a look - hope you like it!! I did this for Leslie's Photography Challenge at Moo Two Designs.

Credits here

Get this kit at MIS or SDK

Will post more tomorrow!! Have to get ready to pick son up from tutorial!!


Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Just Ramblings.......

Hello!! Been a few since I posted anything!! Been busy and crazy with my little one Caden keeping me so busy and this past weekend was the Annual Seafood Festival here in Richmond Hill!! They had the Swinging Medallions for entertainment on Friday night and Survivor (You know that song Eye of the Tiger) on Saturday night!! Friday looked like it was going to storm and was suppose to so we decided to wait until Saturday night to go!! Boy, was that a mistake!! Everyone must have had the same idea!! They have seafood, of course, entertainment, and rides and games!! Of course with the kids in tow we had to do the rides - well, we did ones that the lines weren't so long!! If I go again I will not take the kids at night - too many teenagers and since we have kids that range from 1 yr - 9 yrs. it's just too much!! We will take them during the day and if we want to go at night we will find a babysitter!! LOL I guess I'm getting too old to be in crowds like that anymore!! ugh....

Great news - I got an email from a good friend and Designer this morning that I have been accepted to be on her CT team - So, I am now also on LeslieH Designs CT team too!! WOOT!! WOOT!! Thanks so much Leslie for the wonderful chance to work with your fabulous designs!! You can find Leslie's designs at Moo Two Designs, Make It Scrappy, Scrappin Digi Kreations, & Studio Style Designs.

I found these cute little things on Bunny's Blog and thought they were so cute!! So, here goes

Your Halloween Costume Should Be

A Bumble Bee

Your Monster Profile

Wicked Dictator

You Feast On: Fingernails

You Lurk Around In: Swamps

You Especially Like to Torment: Lawyers

Check these out there a hoot!!


Moo Two Designs:

There are two new designers to the farm!! Brigid of Pixel Diva Designs and Brandi of ScrapTwelve Designs!! Welcome ladies to the funny farm!! We hope your stay at the farm is a great one!! Stop by and check out their designs!!

Moo Two Designs Birthday is coming up in December!! There are some exciting things happening you won't want to miss!! So as I say stay tuned for more information on this!!

Colleen's Creations:

Here's Colleen's newest kit Boolicious Brag Book!!

Get it at Gotta Pixel

Lisa Majewski:

Here is Lisa's newest kit Brrrgundy Light!!

Get it at Digiscrap Boutique or 3Scrapateers

Lisa also has a freebie QP on her blog from this kit!! Make sure you check it out!!

LeslieH Designs:

Here is Leslie's newest kit Tattered Love Letters:

Get it at Make It Scrappy

Well, I think that I have rambled enough!! So, I will let you go until another day!! Have a great day!!



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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Calling all Designers or anyone

Well, hello everyone!! Haven't posted for several days, but today is my Birthday!! Whoo hoooo!! Ummmm, kind of just another day - just one year older!!! LOL Anywho, there is a friend of mine, Jeanette from Moo Two Designs that is doing a charity kit for a little girl named Chelsea who has Leukemia. Here are the details for any designers or anyone wanting to help out and get in on this wonderful kit. If you aren't a designer you can help by going to Moo Two Designs when this kit hits the store and purchase it to help Chelsea and her family out!!

This is written by Jeanette Bollinger:

You may or may not know that I am a contributing`author to a book about life as a mother of a child with Down Syndrome. It is a collection of stories from over 50 Moms, and it is a really amazing book!

Anyways, one of the little girls that is featured in the book is one and a half year old Chelsea! This sweet little girl has just been diagnosed with Acute Myelogenous Leukemia! For those who don't know, this requires many, many chemotherapy treatments and an extremely long stay in the hospital. Chelsea has been in treatment for about a month now, and is such a trooper!!

As you can well imagine, this experience is a very expensive one, both emotionally and financially for the family. Chelsea has an older brother that she can rarely see for fear of Chelsea catching a virus, because she has no immune system due to the chemo. Her mother Cary has been staying with Chelsea most of the time, occasionally getting some sleep at the local Ronald McDonald House.

What I would like to do is create a beautiful collaboration kit and send the proceeds directly to the family. My thought is that it could at least help with meals, transportation, what have you.
I have come up with a color scheme, and the title I would like to use for the kit is "Sweet Butterflies"!

I am so excited to have to opportunity to help this family. Us Moms that contributed to the book (which is called Gifts:Mothers Reflect on How Children with Down Syndrome Enrich Their Lives) are quite close,so this is hitting quite close to home, especially since children with Down Syndrome are prone to developing Leukemia. I know that if Carter were ever sick like this that I would appreciate any and all help, so lets help this family!!!Who's with me??

And here's the beautiful Chelsea!! Now who could resist helping this little girl out?

Check out the color scheme and more details here

The deadline for this kit is November 20th!! So, let's get busy helping this family out!!



Sunday, October 14, 2007

Long Day!!

Boy, it's been a long day!! Started with cleaning my kitchen counter off so the plumber guy could put in my new deeper sink!! It's so awesome - I am loving it already!! Then loads and loads of laundry today - ugh!! hee hee Well, it's got to get done!! Then I bought a closet organizer for my baby's room so had to get that all put in the closet and heck, while I'm at let's change the room around!! Sure, why not!! Ugh - are you tired yet? Because I sure am!! hee hee Well, let me get to the point of this post today, other than my ramblings:

Don't forget to join me @ Moo Two Designs for the Boo Bingo Chat @ 9:00 p.m. ET tomorrow night (October 15th).

Secondly, join Penny Lewis (Buzybee Designs) for a Heritage Chat @ Moo Two Designs, Wednesday, October 17th (my B'day) @ 7:00 CST (8:00 ET)!! Stop by and you can wish me a Happy Birthday!! hee hee Also, here's a poll posted to vote on the topic for the chat. Check out this awesome kit for attending that was donated by Jeanette Bollinger Designs:

It's called Vintage Fall - isn't it just fabulous? You don't want to miss this wonderful gift for attending so hop on over to the farm (Moo Two) for the Heritage Chat!!

Also, Moo Two Designs Mega kit for October, "Hallowfest" is hitting the store as I speak!! Jump on over there and get this awesome kit!! It is packed with goodies from 11 talented Designers and Element Team Members and has over 375MB of stuff!! Here's what this Booootiful kit looks like!!

It is on sale for $9.95 until November 1st then goes to $14.95! Get your butt mooooving on over there to get it while it's on sale!!

Well, I think I've said enough!! So, I will say good night until next time!!



Saturday, October 13, 2007

Check Out These........

How is everyone today? Me, doing pretty good!! Had to run an errand into the Mall - oh, how I hate to go to the Mall!! But I ordered some clothes online from Baby Gap and they were too small so instead of sending back through the mail I made a trip to the mall to exchange. Remind me next time to just mail them back!! LOL :) Anyway, check out these kits from two of the designers that I am a CT for:

Colleen's Creations (found at Gotta Pixel)
Love Thy Family Kit

Find Colleen's Love Thy Family here

And here's a couple of layouts that I did with this kit:

Lisa Majewski (found at Digiscrap Boutique & 3Scrapteers)
Party On Kit


And here a couple of layouts I did with this kit:

Have a wonderful day!! :)

Moo Two Designs Boo Bingo Chat w/Me

I am the host of the monthly Bingo Chat at Moo Two Designs - so please join me. All you need to do is download the card here - then choose 24 words from the list!! Fill in the card with your choosen words and then send me your card via email to pebbles7195@comcast.net Then, of course you show up to the chat - October 15th @ 9:00 p.m. ET - and have fun!!

Here's the Bingo Card:

Here 's the word list:

black cat
bubble gum
bucket (for candy)
candied apples
candy corn
costume party
fruit roll-ups
full moon
Good to eat
harvest moon
haunted house
hay rides
horror films
Mary Jane's
Mega kit
Oct. 31st
pillow case
scary stories
school parties
Smell my feet
TMNT (Teeanage Mutant Ninga Turtle)
Tootsie Rolls
Trick or Treat

And here's your gift for participating donated by Gloria Val Verde:

And this is what the winner takes home - also donated by Gloria Val Verde:

Hope to see you all there!! Don't forget to send me your cards!! :)

Friday, October 12, 2007

Moo Two Designs Looking For Advertising Person

Ok, you all my not know but I am a CT at Moo Two Designs, as well as being the Newsletter Editor, and hosting the Needle in Haystack Challenge, Layout of the Day, and monthly Bingo and Featured Designer Chats. So, with that said I have to advertise that we are looking for an advertising person!! Don't you want to be a Moo Two Girl? Well, see the details below!!

Do you like being part of a great team? Do you like stretching your creative muscles? Do you want to be part of a friendly, active “down home” site? Then look no more!

Moo Two Designs is looking for a committed, talented, enthusiastic Advertising/Marketing Coordinator. We have plans for a number of exciting events and would love to have someone come on board to help us promote them.

The successful applicant will be responsible for promoting Moo Two through various means including designing ads and posting them on various sites; sending the ads through a number of email groups; blogging; dreaming up creative ad campaigns and seeking out, suggesting and implementing new means of marketing Moo Two. We would also consider a team approach to this position.

We’re looking for a creative person with a flair for advertising; someone who is knowledgeable in the use of email groups, message boards and galleries and is very active in the digital scrapbooking community. You should know how to compose ads, banners, etc. You should be well organized and able to keep track of a large number of email groups, know their posting rules and when ads can be posted.

You will work closely with the site owner, administrator, newsletter editor and challenge coordinator to ensure that all events and sales are thoroughly advertised. You will also need to be active in the site forum. This job will require a fair amount of time and commitment on your part.

You will be compensated with kits of your choice from the Moo Two store. Details will be worked out with the successful applicant. There is potential for this to become a paid position in the future.

Interested? Email us at donna@mootwodesigns.com with the following information:

· Your name

· Email Address

· Your Blog Address

· Where you live

· A list of CTs or other obligations

· URL to one of your layout galleries

· URL to a 600x600 ad for Moo Two Designs posted on your Blog

· Tell us what you can offer us and why you’d like to be part of the Moo Two Team!

Hugs!! Have a blessed day!!

Finally Done It!!

I have finally done it!! Went and got me one of those blog-a-roonies!! Well, this has been fun trying to get this thing done!! Still needs some work though - doesn't it? Well, this is for my ramblings and to keep everyone up-to-date on the happenings at the sites that I visit!! Today has been crazy - worked a little on this blog here this morning (with Leslie's help) - "Thanks" Leslie, I so appreciate it!! Then I had to run to the famous Wally world (Wal-Mart) to get a tire that had a screw in it fixed, so several hours later and oh so many $ later we finally got home, put up groceries, and I have been working on this thing for awhile. Now it's time for dinner!! Ugh - never ends does it? Well, I will be working on it some more tonight - so stay tuned for more info!!