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Thursday, January 24, 2008

DigiTreats has more for u, join me, and a FREEBIE...

Hello all!! How's everyone today? Pretty good here!! Yesterday was dh's birthday and we went with the family and friends to Olive Garden for dinner last night!! What a nice time we had!! The food was sooo yummy!! So, got a few things to tell you about!! So, sit back, relax, drink some java or soda, and check it out!!

First, DigiTreats has posted the elements to her ABC kits!! Check these out!!

DigiTreats Run ABC Elements 1 - Check them out here!!

Lisa Manor has added some too!! Check them out here!!

DigiTreats Skip ABC Elements 1 - Check them out here!!

Lisa Manor's ABC Skip Elements - Check them out here!!

And Vicky has jumped on the bandwagon too - Check them out here!!

Join me tonight at Moo Two Designs for a Featured Designer Chat w/Buzybee Designs @ 9:00 pm ET!! I will ask questions from her interview from our January 15th newsletter!! If you didn't receive it - see her interview here!! There will be an attendance gift - see below!! As well as a prize to the first person to answer the questions correctly!!

Featured Designer Chat Attendance Gift from Buzybee Designs!!

And I have made a FREEBIE QP for you from this wonderful kit and a few of the prize items!! Hope you like it and join me tonight!!

Download Love Me Tender QP here!!

Hope you all enjoy!! Have a nice day and hope to see you tonight!!



Monday, January 21, 2008

VOTING and some FREEBIES to share....

Happy Monday everyone!! How was everyone's weekend? Pretty good here - didn't do much!! Too darn cold to do anything - we did go to my oldest basketball game on Saturday. They lost - their first loss this season, which they have only played three games!! They are doing so well and my son is finally starting to get it, I think!! hee hee Well, just wanted to give you all some heads up on some awesome freebies I've spotted around the digi-world!!

First, jump over to Moo Two and vote for Layout of the Week for January 13th - 19th!! Here are the awesome layouts that are up to win!!

Village15 - Web Maria turns 4

Layout credits here

Urmelhase - Roxana

Layout credits here

Ambowife - The Ride of My Life

Layout credits here

Sharpli - Easter 1969 & 1970

Layout credits here

Mouse - Self Portrait

Layout credits here

Indaba - Tasmazia

Layout credits here

Froggpond Designs - Mrs. Douglas Crossman

Layout credits here

Get on over there and give these ladies your votes!!

Now onto some awesome FREEBIES I have found around the digi world!!

Check out LeslieH Designs for a nice freebie as well as a QP a reader made using her freebies!!

Check out Bunny Cates blog for a freebie that matches her new kit Fancy Britches!! Here's a preview of her kit:

You can get this kit at DSO for $5.25 for one week only!!

Kristine (WenchdGrafix Designs) has an awesome kit called Into the Mystic that she's been giving away!! Don't miss out on this fabulous kit!!

Now if you haven't seen these lovely freebie kits from DigiTreats you have to check them out!! She's doing an ABC book for her kids and making a kit for them and giving them away!!

Boy Kit - Run ABC

Girl Kit - Skip ABC

There have been a few designers joining in on this kit!! Check them out!!

Lisa Manor

Toybox Designs

Hope you enjoy checking out these awesome freebies!! Don't forget to go vote at Moo Two Designs!!


Thursday, January 17, 2008

Challenges, Mardi Gras, & a FREEBIE....

Hello all!! How's it going today? Pretty good here except the little one won't stay out of stuff!! hee hee Always the way huh? Well, my oldest wasn't this busy. I could sit him in front of the TV or give him a book or cars and he'd play for hours. Not Caden - he's only still when he's sleeping!! Oh well, such is life!! Anyway, wanted to give you all some heads up on some great challenges and news. So, without further ado:

Moo Two Challenges:

There are some awesome new challenges as well as some of the old favorites. First, let's talk about the Needle in a Haystack Treasure Hunt!! This is like a daily download. All you have to do is search for the links!! Want to see what the kit is this month? Here it is!!

Is that enough to hunt for? I think so!! Stop on by and pick up the pieces to this wonderful kit from Gloria Val Verde!!

There are a couple of new challenges!! Here they are:

Barnyard Shindig
Join Ronda (Kiss This Designs) for a great lyrical challenge. You simply make a layout using some of the lyrics from a song that she picks and you get a prize. Here's the prize for this month made by Ronda:

Barnyards Around the World
Join Tara for a great challenge that has two or three topics about animals. You can pick just one topic or do all of them. She will also give you a country to learn about it's animals and farm life. You may choose to do this one or not, up to you!! Here is the prize for doing a layout made by Tara:

Udderly Me
Join Brandi (ScrapTwelve Creations) for a challenge about you!! This month make a layout of a New Year's resolution that you made. Here is the prize for participating this month made by Brandi:

Come on by and join in the fun at the farm and get some excellent posting bonuses!! Hope to see you there!!

Mardi Gras is at Moo Two!!

Have the winter blues? Chase them away at Moo Two! We have several fun activities planned including celebrating Mardi Gras. For those of you not familiar with Mardi Gras is it a regional holiday, celebrated primarily in and around New Orleans, Louisiana. It has been dubbed the World's Largest Free Party, but why should they have all the fun? Mardi Gras is coming to Moo Two and EVERYONE is Welcomed.

Some of the events planned are a:
Masked Ball--dress your avatar in your finest or freakiest or fun attire and win a prize!
Mardi Gras Bingo - Starts January 23rd - Check here for word list and send your to Christine (brwngolady). Here's a preview of the prize for participating and the prize to the Bingo winner(s). All who get Bingo wins!!

Prize for participating:

Prize for Bingo Winners:

A Mardi Gras Trivia Chat w/me, February 5th in the Moo Two Chat room at 9:00 pm ET. Prize fro attendance and prizes awarded to the first person to answer the questions correctly!!

And last, but not least don't forget to go to the parade, on Mardi Gras, February 5 and get your throws from the Krewe du Moo Two! Check forum for more details!!

And finally what you have been waiting for!! The FREEBIE!! Here's another template from me!!

PSP Link
PSD Link

Here's a layout I did with it:

Layout Credits: Used Purrfect Pets kit from Donna Wheway at Moo Two!!
Font - Tempus Sans ITC



Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Late - but it's here....

OMG - I promised you all a freebie and I didn't come through did I. Been so busy this past weekend and wasn't on the computer much!! Plus, trying to get some work done. But here it is. It's another template for you!! I hope you like it!!

PSP Link
PSD Link

Here's a layout I did using it!!

I used Donna Wheway's kit Purrfect Pets!! You can find it here!! The font that I used is Onyx!!

Hope you enjoy!!


Thursday, January 10, 2008

Climbing, climbing, climbing, and Go Vote...

WOW - ok so you know how the other day I told you about Caden climbing out of his crib, right? Well, I caught him in action. That little turd just puts his leg up over the top of the rail and holds on until he just drops to the ground. I just don't know what to do. Once he did it that morning - he hasn't stopped. Although I am lucky that when he goes to sleep at night he sleeps til morning, well, for now anyway. He's on 15.5 months old and my oldest never climbed out of his crib. I did find a nsort of canopy net to go over the top of the crib to prevent him from climbing out but it's $80.00 - I just don't know that I want to spend that much $ and then in a couple of months turn around and change his bed into a toddler bed. But, I guess I should just go ahead and buy it because yesterday he just sort of leaned over the rail and feel out on his head. So, anyway check out these photos where I caught him in the act....

Can you believe this? I couldn't!! But here it is!!

Just Hang on and then drop!! Smart kiddo!!

This is when he finally got down and came running out of his room!!

Head on over to Moo Two Designs and vote for Layout of the Month for December. Here are the wonderful layouts to choose from!! Some of these you saw a couple days ago!!

Layout Name: 11_11
See Credits here

Layout Name - Bounce
See Credits here

Layout Name - Dreams
See Credits here

Layout Name - Fall in Florida
See Credits here

Layout Name - Alayna Xmas 2006
See Credits here

Layout Name - Roxana
See Credits here

Layout Name - Fun
See Credits here

Layout Name - Template Challenge
See Credits here

Layout Name - Alayna 1st Bday
See Credits here

Layout Name - Girls Night Out
See Credits here

Get on over there and vote!! I will be back tomorrow with another freebie for you!!