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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Climbing, climbing, climbing, and Go Vote...

WOW - ok so you know how the other day I told you about Caden climbing out of his crib, right? Well, I caught him in action. That little turd just puts his leg up over the top of the rail and holds on until he just drops to the ground. I just don't know what to do. Once he did it that morning - he hasn't stopped. Although I am lucky that when he goes to sleep at night he sleeps til morning, well, for now anyway. He's on 15.5 months old and my oldest never climbed out of his crib. I did find a nsort of canopy net to go over the top of the crib to prevent him from climbing out but it's $80.00 - I just don't know that I want to spend that much $ and then in a couple of months turn around and change his bed into a toddler bed. But, I guess I should just go ahead and buy it because yesterday he just sort of leaned over the rail and feel out on his head. So, anyway check out these photos where I caught him in the act....

Can you believe this? I couldn't!! But here it is!!

Just Hang on and then drop!! Smart kiddo!!

This is when he finally got down and came running out of his room!!

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TragedyScrapinAnne said...

Good Luck to everyone....!!!

Sarah said...

Omgosh! What a stinker! That is too funny how you caught him on camera!
There is a lot of Beautiful LO's, Good Luck to you all!
Have a Great Weekend!

evitangel said...

good luck to all!

and your little boy is great LOL

Emma said...

Oh I remember my son doing this! I just lowered the bed as far down as it would go and left the bar down after that. I figured there was no sense in trying to keep him in. I just didn't have a toddler be yet to move him to.

Micheline Martin said...

OH My what a cute little monkey!!! You have loads of gorgeous layouts thanks so much for sharing!

Census (aka Cen aka June.S) said...

Fantastic layouts, really hard to decided which to vote for with this great choice!!
Looks like you little one is one smart cookie!!

barb michelen said...

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Anonymous said...

I got a good life out of the little climber...lol... I noticed in the pic that he is using the dresser next to the crib to help. My g'baby did that and I pulled the crib away from it and she couldn't get out without that... if you haven't tried that, you might.... good luck, Jaimie