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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Been MIA....

Been awhile since I posted anything on here hasn't it? Man oh man has it been busy. I also think I have the winter blues - seems to be alot of that going around this year!! Plus, been having family issues, dh lost his job about 2 weeks ago, and that didn't help since I was already feeling blue. But he has now found a job - well, actually he's going back to a company that he already worked for so that's great news. Will be back to work on Monday - whooohoooo!! Then my mom has been sick and in the hospital since Saturday with pneumonia (sp). Her oygen level was really low so she's been on oxygen since she got to the hospital and is doing breathing treatments about every two hours. She is doing alot better now and hopefully gets to come home tomorrow. Sorry to ramble on here, just wanted you all to know that I am still alive and kicking. I hope to get some stuff done this weekend and get you all a freebie up by Monday, so check back with me. Thanks for listening to me ramble!!


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

News, Voting, and sort of a Freebie

Hello all!! How's your day going? Pretty good here - had some running around to do and am not getting accomplished what I need to!! ugh... Well, I guess it will be there tomorrow, huh? Well, wanted to keep you in the loop to some awesome freebies, so here goes:

My friend Kat, TragedyScrappinAnne has a great QP on her blog for you!! Check it out!! That girl is good!! Here's a preview for you!!

DigiTreats is at it again!! Does Pamela ever stop? I don't think so and we all get the advantage of her wonderful talent and her generiosity!! hee hee So your appreciation to her by checking out her new store on her blog!! The links are on the top right hand side!! Here's a few of the last things that she has put up as freebies!!

Run ABC B Alpha's - Get them here!!

Abby and Brady Templates - Get them here!!

Jump ABC Kit Grungy Solids - Get them here!!

Check out DigiTreats blog for other contributions that people have been doing!!

And now - how would you like to get this for FREE!!

All you have to do is visit Moo Two Designs - Needle in a Haystack Treasure Hunt Challenge and find the links to download!! How fun is that - and look at all the goodies in here!! Hurry - only a couple more days!! Links come down at mignight the 14th!! Then there will be a new kit to hunt for!!

Enjoy your day



Monday, February 11, 2008

A change...

As you can see I have changed the look of my blog a little!! Just playing around wanting something a little different!! So, here it is!! What do you all think? Well, been busy and have to run but will be back tomorrow with something!!


Tuesday, February 5, 2008

CT Advertising and a FREEBIE....

Well, what a great Mardi Gras party we had!! If you missed it you missed a wonderful time!! If you haven't picked up the Blog Parade kit - see post below this one!! Some awesome contributions to this wonderful Mardi Gras kit!! Now, onto some news....

My good friend and a Designer at Moo Two, Tara has decided to have a layout contest on her blog! Your layout should be of your favorite person - your spouse, child, parent, coworker, friend, anyone! This is going to be Great! The details, rules and more info is available on her blog. Pass this on to your friends! We also have a Facebook Group for any quesions you may have Creations By Tara Presents My Favorite Person Layout Contest NO PURCHASE NECESSARY Contest is open to individual people world wide. First Prize winner will win: (1) Custom made digital scrapbooking kit (minimum 35 unique items).Second Prize winner will win:(1) Custom made mini digital scrapbooking kit (15 items).Third Prize winner will win:(1) Pack of bows (customized in color, texture, etc).2 Honorable mentions will receive a surpise gift. Head on over to her blog for more details!!

Gail P. has a new kit that just hit the store called Karen!! It's on sale for $1.00 - but only for another day!!

Gloria Val Verde has a couple of new kits in the Moo Two Store!! One is My Heart and the other one is Nicole!!

My Heart Preview

Gloria has a little matching freebie to this kit on her blog!!

Grab it here!!

Nicole Preview

This kit Gloria made to her document her daughter's search for the perfect wedding dress. Visit Gloria's blog for a coordinating freebie to this kit!!

Grab it here!!

And now for my little freebie for you!! It was made using the free part of Gloria's Nicole kit above!! I hope you like it!! Remember if you download leave a little love!!

Download here!! Enjoy and have a wonderful day!!



Mardi Gras Parade Train

Welcome to the Moo Two Designs celebration of Mardi Gras, get ready to sweep those winter blues away!

Mardi Gras for the people, not just the rich, really did not get a firm holding until the 1960’s, when there was an effort to generate more revenue and promote tourism. New Krewes were formed, such as Bacchus and rather than holding a masked ball for those of the upper crust, they held huge gatherings with famous names to entertain. As this impacted the economy, it became much less exclusive.

Fun Fact: Many of the floats are created by Jerome Kern. He own and rents these and tractors (like that of a big rig) to pull the floats. Many of them have parts that come apart to suit many different themes. The floats are usually grand and flamboyant.

And now for your Freebie!! This is a QP that I have made with a chat freebie that will be given away at the Mardi Gras Trivia chat Tuesday, February 5th in the Moo Two Chat Room @ 9:00 pm ET!! Attendance gift as well as gifts for the first person to answer questions correctly!! Hope to see you all there!!

Download QP here

Now, your next stop is the Mardi Gras Blog Parade Forum at Moo Two!! There you will get your last part of the wonderful goodies!!

Don't forget to come to the masked ball and dress your avatar in the forum and win a prize!

We also have a fabulous Lagniappe Sale!

And last but not least make sure to join me for the Mardi Gras Trivia Chat!! Also, the Blog Parade started at the Moo Two Designs Blog!! Go there if you haven't already and throw some beads and get another great portion!!



Friday, February 1, 2008

Vote, DigiTreats, & a FREEBIE....

WOW - long time since I posted on here. Been busy with the baby and furbabies. Vet appointments, and the little one now at the point of only taking one nap a day instead of two. Long gone are those days. Hee hee Wanted to get some news to you and a freebie. So, grab a cup of joe and relax.

Moove on over to Moo Two Designs and vote for Layout of the Week for January 20th - 26th!! Here are the wonderful layouts!! They just keep getting better and better and harder and harder to choose from!! In my book they are all winners!!

HenrietteKB - Raffie

Layout Credits here

Urmelhase - Yasmin & Kevin

Layout Credits here

Tnsweetie - Sweet Girl Precious

Layout Credits here

Carla - Spider

Layout Credits here

Alex - Free

Layout Credits here

Michelle Muller - Henrique

Layout Credits here

Jakrn - Take Love

Layout Credits here

Aren't they awesome? Head on over and vote!! Your vote really does matter!!

DIGITREATS does it again!! She has even more items to her ABC Run and Skip Kits!! Check them out!!

Run ABC Elements II

Run ABC Alpha A

Skip ABC Names - includes Boy & Girl Names

Skip ABC Alpha A

Make sure to check DigiTreats blog to find add-ons to this wonderful kit by other designers and readers!!

And last but not least a FREEBIE for you!!

PSP Link
PSD Link

A layout I did using this template!!

Kit - Kiss This Designs - Peaceful Easy Feeling
Find at Moo Two Designs Store!! Fonts used are Winterland & Viner Hand ITC.