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Friday, October 26, 2007

Moo Two Designs Chelsea Charity Kit

Oh boy - how are you today? Me, well it's been one of those days!! You know what I mean, right? Had errands to run, did a little Christmas shopping, and found out just how old I am feeling these days!! I was sitting in the truck as dh was pumping gas and was looking in the mirror at my hair!! I have started using this new hair shampoo and conditioner that's suppose to help smooth and shine your hair!! It's doing pretty good so far.....but, it's not taking the GRAY hairs out!! OMG - I looked in that mirror and thought oh my god - there are a million gray hairs in my head..... LOL Probably not, but it sure felt like it!! Notice I said felt!! That's because I went straight to my favorite shopping place Wal-Mart and got me some color!! Came straight home and had dh color it for me!! WOW - do I feel better!! LOL Anyway, I was telling you all before about a charity kit that a friend of mine from Moo Two Designs is doing for Chelsea who has Acute Myelogenous Leukemia!! There are lots of designers, not just Moo Two designers that are stepping up to the plate for this one!! So, I thought I'd preview a few for you - so that you don't forget to get to Moo Two when this beautiful kit hits the store!! It will be hitting the store in late November or early December!! It is going to be one humongous kit!! Check out what has been donated so far:

Donated by Lynn (Lynncal)
Moo Two Designs

Donated by Gloria Val Verde
Moo Two Designs

Donated by LeslieH Designs
Moo Two, MIS, SDK, & SSD

Donated by Shirley (Xashee)
Moo Two Designs

Donated by TerrellS Designs
Moo Two Designs, Divine Digital, & Stone Accents

Donated by Jeanette Bollinger Designs
Moo Two Designs

Donated by Gail P.
Moo Two Designs

Donated by NanaC Designs
Scrapbook Max

Donated by Tara Donovan-Kostyrski
Member of Moo Two Designs

Donated by Crafty Scraps by Michelle McCoy
Scrapbook Max

Donated by Molly & Max (Maria)

Donated by Brittney Ferguson

Donated by Kim Broedelet

This is all that has been previewed in the thread at Moo Two!! I understand that there are other designers and such that are contributing!! So, stay tuned - this is going to be one huge kit and you don't want to miss it!! If you are a designer or just like to dabble in designing - why not come on over and help us help Chelsea and her family out!!

Well, that's it for tonight!! That's enough isn't it? LOL Hope you all have a great weekend!!




Andrea said...

I have had those days too!! You are too funny!! Running to the store to buy color!! LOL!! Hope your day has gotten slower. Those kits are great too!! I'll have to go and check them out!!

Drea said...

Oh, I totally understand those days. I took 7 of my 8 kids shopping yesterday......after spending almost $1000, I came home and just passed out.

That amount was for food for the next 2 weeks, some shoes and a few things for Halloween.